Produced by Takahiro Koyama

※ 取り扱い店舗:SVB TOKYO


<造り手> 小山 貴洋(Takahiro Koyama)

This is a commemorative beer to celebrate the opening of the LOG ROAD DAIKANYAMA, which used to be called The First Railroad Crossing, and SPRING VALLEY BREWERY Tokyo. This beer was born on the 10,000th test brew (the test brewing is the backbone of Kirin’s product development) and evolved through SPRING VALLEY BREWERY’s innovative craftsmanship. This amber ale crosses tradition with innovation. With the brilliant scent of Nelson Sauvin hops and distinct soft sweet scent of ale, enjoy the luscious refreshing taste and mild titillating carbonation.
<Brewer> Takahiro Koyama

Tasting Chart

Tasting Chart
Tasting Chart

Beer Map

Beer Map

OG (Original Gravity) = 13.0°P


Original Gravity (OG) refers to the density of the wort before fermentation. The higher the OG, the more the body and alcohol content of beer increase. This is also called original extract.

IBU (Bitterness Unit) = 31.0


International Bitterness Unit (IBU) is determined by the types, amount and usage of hops. Generally, the higher the value more bitter.

ABV (Alcohol Strength) = 5% (v/v)


Alcohol content 5%

Color = 30.0 EBC


Is a number representing the color of a beer.
(A typical pilsner is about 6 to 8 EBC)

Key Hop = Nelson Sauvin

Nelson Sauvin(ネルソンソーヴィン)はフルーティーでフローラルな香りをもったニュージーランド産ホップです。発酵由来の甘味のある香りと調和して、華やかで飲みやすいアンバーエールに仕上がっています。

Nelson Sauvin is a hop produced in New Zealand with fruity and floral flavors. Blended with a sweet scent deriving from fermentation, this amber ale has a brilliant and quaffable finish.

Filtration = Unfiltered


Refers to unfiltered beer in which the yeast has not been removed.